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  On Wednesday, February 24 (just after Chinese New Year), we are launching Chinese and Russian searching in OPAC for the Network. This project was funded in part through a generous LSTA grant and is now available to all.

The Chinese/Russian catalog is available from the main search page of the Minuteman Catalog (http://library.minlib.net/search) or can be accessed directly at http://library.minlib.net:1082/search. Prior to the grant, Chinese and Russian materials could be found only by searching with transliterated/ Roman characters. It is now possible to search by inputting Chinese characters or Russian words.

Online Demos :

To enable searching in Chinese and Russian in the catalog, your computers may need to be configured. The website Pinyin Joe’s Chinese Computing Help Desk (http://www.pinyinjoe.com) provides useful and clear explanations of language support. 
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