If you wish to keep a list of what you have borrowed, you may sign in on My Account, choose My Reading History, and then choose the Opt In button. This begins the collection of titles you borrow from the Minuteman system. Some patrons have asked for this service as a means of recalling a book or author they liked or for keeping a list of what they have already read. If you are concerned about someone else seeing a list of what you are reading, the safest step is to not choose this option.

Libraries are very concerned about your privacy. Once an item has been returned, the Minuteman Library Network maintains no record of what you borrowed. [See notes 1 and 2 below.] However, with the My Reading History option, YOU can decide if you want the computer to keep a list of those titles. You will be able to delete items from your list or 'Opt Out" at any time. To delete titles on your list, simply mark the titles. Then, click on the Delete Marked button.

To opt out of My Reading History all together, you must individually delete all of the titles on your list. Then, click on the Opt Out button. The computer will no longer keep a record of what you borrowed.

Your list can only be accessed by someone with your library card number and your PIN number. [See note 2 below.] The library staff cannot see this information. If others already know your PIN and you are concerned about your privacy, you may wish to change it.

Whether you choose "My Reading History" or not, please be aware that your Minuteman PIN number protects the records of what you have requested and what you have checked out. It is prudent to safeguard your Library PIN as you would an ATM identifier.

Note 1: Backup information remains on Minuteman tapes for up to one month, but cannot be accessed by library staff.

Note 2: You should know that the law does allow law enforcement officers to see any existing library records if they first obtain a subpoena from a judge.

Please speak to a Librarian if you have questions.

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