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Text Message Notifications, Email and Notice Questions

Can I be reminded by email when items I have checked out are almost due?

Yes! We have implemented Reminder Notices (on July 17, 2007).

If there is an Email address in your library account, you will automatically receive reminders 2 days before your items are due.

See our announcement

If you prefer that these reminders do NOT appear in your email visit this FAQ for more information:
I don't want to be reminded by email when my items are due. Can I stop these messages in my email?

Why am I not receiving email reminders that my books are due?

Are you an AOL or Verizon email subscriber? Currently, there are issues with AOL authorizing emails from your library. We have a ticket opened with AOL - 846648 to have them whitelist emails containing circulation notices, mostly courtesy reminders.

In order to resolve this issue more quickly, AOL is asking that AOL and Verizon customers contact them directly with this request.

We kindly request you ask AOL to unblock your notices.

Below is a template for a support message you can send to them. You need to log in to your AOL account and navigate to https://help.aol.com/email-support

Then you can copy and paste the text below into the support form provided by AOL:

Your Name

Your AOL email

Message: I am not receiving library notifications about my books being due, overdue or on hold at my library, which is a part of the Minuteman Library Network. Please do not block my notifications coming from either minlib.net or minut.iii.com. A ticket has already been opened with you by our Systems Department - AOL Postmaster Support Request 846648. Thank you very much for your prompt attention to this matter.

What is Shoutbomb?

How much does Shoutbomb cost?

Shoutbomb text messaging is a free service, but your mobile provider's standard text message rates apply. If you are not sure of the limits and per message charges for your phone plan, please check with your provider BEFORE subscribing.

How do I sign up for text message notices?

To subscribe to Shoutbomb text message alerts, text the command SIGNUP to 508-507-2560 and enter your library card number or username when prompted. (You should receive this prompt text within an hour of registering.) You will receive several introductory messages after successfully enrolling.

*You can only register one library card per phone number. Attempting to sign-up again with a different card number will replace the current one.

What type of devices will Shoutbomb send messages to?

Shoutbomb can send messages to any device that has a mobile phone number and is enabled to receive standard text messages.

Will I continue to receive notices via email, US mail or phone call?

Yes, text message are sent in addition to email, mail or voice call notification methods, not in replacement. Email notices cannot be de-activated. If you only want text messages notices and do not want to receive email notices, please see the FAQ below for suggestions on filtering out emails.

I am not receiving messages from Shoutbomb. What should I do?

Shortly after registering you should receive a text prompting you to enter your library card number. There may be several minutes of delay between texts. You can test your connections and setup by texting the command TEST or resend notices you may have missed to texting RESEND. If you do not get any response to those commands, try registering again with the SIGNUP command.

If after trying the above steps, you are still not receiving messages or experiencing other technical issues with Shoutbomb notices, please talk to a librarian. Please let them know your barcode and mobile phone number and, if possible, screenshots of any problem text messages.

What if I signed-up with the wrong library card number, or my libray card number has changed?

Just sign up again with the correct library card number. The new card number will replace the existing one.

When are text message notices sent out?

Text notices are sent out throughout the day, every day from 9 am to 6 pm.

What kind of messages will I receive from Shoutbomb?

I don't want to renew all my eligible items right now. How do I renew a specific item with a text message?

To view and select overdue items for renewal, text the command OL. Shoutbomb will send a response listing items eligible for renewal (due within 2 days or overdue) and instructions for renewing individual items. Shoutbomb will only allow you to renew items that are overdue or due in two days or less.

I have items checked out, but when I use the RA or ALL command, I receive a text that I have "no items eligible for renewal".

Where do I pick up my holds?

You can select your default pickup location in My Account under “Modify Personal Information”

I've changed my mobile provider or phone number. What can I do to continue receiving text message notices?

Text the command SWITCHPHONE and follow the prompts to update your phone number with Shoutbomb.

How do I unsubscribe from Shoutbomb messages?

To cancel Shoutbomb and stop receiving messages, text the command QUIT and confirm by replying to the prompts.

What notices are provided by the Minuteman Library Network?

Overdue Notices
Overdue Notices are generated after your items are at least 14 days overdue. Most Minuteman libraries send out both Email and U.S. Mail overdue notices. A few libraries generate only the Email overdue notices.

Bills are generated 2 weeks after the Overdue notice (or 4 or more  weeks after the item was due). All Minuteman libraries send out Bills – both via Email and via U.S. Mail to those who do not have Email.

Hold Pickup Notices
For items that come in to fill a Request for you today and if your library account includes an Email address, a message will be generated overnight and it should be in your Email the next morning. (If you happen to pick up the item before the Emails are sent out, the Email will not be sent.) For patrons that do not have Email, most libraries will notify you by a telephone call; a few libraries will mail out a printed notice via U.S. Mail

Reminder Notices
Beginning July 17, 2007, reminder notices will be generated for items due in 2 days. These notices will be sent only to those patrons who have provided an Email contact in their library account. All patrons who have an Email address in their library account will automatically receive the reminders.

Can I be notified by email when items I've requested have arrived at the library?

Yes. If you have entered your email address into My Account, you will receive email notification.

Can I be reminded by email when items I have checked out are almost due?

I don't want to be reminded by email when my items are due. Can I stop these messages in my email?

This feature must be turned on for ALL user accounts with an email address. It cannot be turned on for some users, and not for others.

If you prefer that these reminders do NOT appear in your Email you can set up your Email program to filter out messages with the Subject line: Library Reminder - Items Due in 2 Days

Here are the instructions for doing so in many popular email programs:
  • GMail - https://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=6579
  • Windows Live Hotmail - http://email.about.com/od/windowslivehotmailtips/ss/wt102101wlh.htm
  • Outlook - https://blogs.office.com/2012/05/14/filtering-emails-in-outlook/
  • Thunderbird - http://en.flossmanuals.net/thunderbird/filters/
  • Yahoo! Mail - https://help.yahoo.com/kb/learn-filters-in%C2%A0yahoo-mail-sln15994.html

In some cases you can filter the message to your trash where you can then delete it automatically or manually, depending on your preference.

If you use another email provider, please consult your provider's instructions for filtering email messages by subject.

NOTE: Filtering out the subject "Library Reminder - Items Due in 2 Days" will affect only these reminders. As long as you have an Email address in your library account, you will continue to receive Hold Pickup Notices, Overdue Notices and Bills via Email.

I thought I signed up to get Email notices from my library. I don't seem to be getting any notices from my library. What might the problem be?

  1. There may be an error in how your Email address was entered.
    If you have a PIN, you can check online by going to:
    and entering your barcode and PIN.

    Once logged in, choose "Edit account". You can update your Email address if necessary.

    If you do NOT have a PIN, staff at any Minuteman library can assist you in correcting your Email address.

  2. Some Email programs and some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) (such as AOL) have options to filter out Email which meet certain criteria. Check your Email settings in your program to determine whether you have filtered out some mail. Check with your Internet Service Provider to determine whether their service puts "suspicious" Emails in a Junk folder or refuses to deliver some Email.

Sometimes I do not receive the Email notification I expect from my library. What other options do I have?

I have signed up for email notification. I filter my email. What do I need to designate as desired email in my filters in order to make sure I receive my library notifications?

Minuteman library notices come from:     library.minlib.net
Email from Minuteman library staff comes from:     minlib.net
Email citations from Encore come from:     iii@minut-encore.iii.com

I use Hotmail for email and I haven't been receiving any notices from my Library. How can I fix this?

How to add Minuteman Library Network to Your Hotmail 'Safe List' :

To ensure that MLN Library emails are not sent to your Hotmail Junk E-Mail folder, you can add an email address or domain (A domain is the portion of the e-mail address that comes after @ -- e.g. @ library.minlib.net) to your Hotmail Safe List.

  • 1. Go to the Options page. (upper right of screen)
  • 2. On the left side of the page, click Mail, and then click Junk E-Mail Protection.
  • 3. Click on Safe List.
  • 4. Type an address or domain from which you always want to receive messages (in this case type, 'library.minlib.net' - no quotes), and then click Add.
  • 5. Click OK.

Other email programs (such as Yahoo, AOL, etc.) may have a similar way of filtering email and there will likely be a similar "Safe List" procedure for each provider.

I use Yahoo for email and I haven't been receiving any notices from my Library. How can I fix this?

We are aware that some (not all) of the Library Reminders from the Minuteman Library Network are not being delivered to some of our users with Email addresses at yahoo.com. Please be assured that we are working to resolve this issue.

Before taking any other steps, make sure that Yahoo is not placing Email from Minuteman into your Bulk mail folder.

In the meantime, if you have another Email address to which you would like to direct your Minuteman Email, you can update the Email address in the “My Account” section of the MLN Catalog (https://find.minlib.net/iii/encore/myaccount).

To change your email address:
  • Log in to your library account at https://find.minlib.net/iii/encore/myaccount
  • Click the button labeled "Edit account"
  • Edit your Email address as desired
  • Click the “Submit” button

  • NOTE: While logged in to your library account, you can view your list of Checked Out Items.

It may also be helpful if, as a Yahoo user, you communicate to Yahoo that you definitely wish to receive Email from the Minuteman Library Network domain, library.minlib.net.


I use Verizon for email and I haven't been receiving any notices from my Library. How can I fix this?

I don't seem to be getting the Email notice when my digital media request (Overdrive) is ready for me to download.

Make sure that the Email address you provide is correct.

If you filter your Email or whitelist your mail, be sure to indicate that you want to accept Email from: digitalnotices@minlib.net

The Digital Media Catalog (Overdrive) does not have the capability of filling out a form if your Email security requires users to fill out a short request form. In this case, we recommend that patrons log in and check the My Requests link on a regular basis to determine when titles are ready for them to place in their cart and download.