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Can I save reminders of books I want to request in the future from session to session?

What is My Account?

Using My Account, you can not only view the due dates for your items, any fines attached to your items, requested items (holds) but also renew items, request or cancel items, and update your email address.

Can I set up a username or do I always need my library card # for My Account?

You can now set up your own username for logging into your library account.

  1. 1. Log in to My Account as before, using your library barcode

  2. 2. Choose "Edit account"

  3. 3. Enter a username of your choice and click "Submit"

  4. 4. Close the window when prompted

The next time you log in, you will be able to use your new username along with your password.

If you forget your username, you can still log in with your library barcode. Once in My Account, you can go back to Modify Personal Information to view and/or change your username.

NOTE: The system will not allow you to select a username that is already in use.

Can I use my username to log in to use databases?

Yes! You can use your username OR your library card # to log into most databases.

Click here to log in to databases

Your username may not work for HeritageQuest, NetLibrary, Zinio and selected other Library-provided databases. You can use your library card # with any database that does not accept your username.

We do not recommend that you use your Username for library functions such as museum pass signup and print management software. If you do, you may end up with 2 separate accounts – one tied to your barcode and the other tied to your Username. For assistance if this happens, see staff at your local library.

What is a password?

A password is a unique identifier (consisting of 3-8 numbers and/or letters) created by you. Your password allows you to access your patron record and place requests.

How do I create a password?

If you do not have a password at all, follow these steps:
  • 1) Go to http://find.minlib.net/iii/encore/myaccount
  • 2) Enter your Library Card Number
  • 3) Leave the password field blank
  • 4) Click "Submit"
  • 5) The screen will refresh and you will see the words "Please enter your new password"
  • 6) On this screen, enter your Library Card # again, your new password twice

  • Your password must be between 3-8 characters and contain only numbers and/or letters.
  • You can change your password any time you wish through My Account.

  • If you've had a password in the past but you've forgotten it, you can reset it using the "Forgot your password" link at:

    See also our password video on YouTube.

    I am unable to create a password (or, I forgot my password or, my password is not being recognized)!

    I got the error message "Your password is not complex enough to be secure. Please select another one.".  What does this mean?

    The system will prevent the creation of passwords that are not complex enough to be secure; a password is considered not complex enough if it contains:
    • a character that is repeated 3 or more times (aaa, aaaa...).
    • a set of 2, 3, or 4 characters is that is repeated 2 or more times (abab, abcabc, abcdabcd...).
    Please note that your password must be between 3 and 30 characters long. Special characters, such as punctuation are not accepted.

    I clicked on "Forgot your password" but it didn't work.

    There are a few possibilities.

    In brief:
    • There is no Email address in your patron record
    • There is an Email address, but you didn't execute the reset steps within 3 hours of initiating the process
    • When you clicked on the (long) URL in the Email message, it was cut off so that only a portion of the URL was sent to the browser.

    For more details continue reading.

    The password reset function only works if you have an Email address in your patron record. The reset function works by sending you an Email that will give you an opportunity to reset your password. If there is no Email address in your record, contact staff at your library to enter your Email address.

    If you DO have an Email address, when you click on "Forgot your password", you will be prompted to enter your library card number.

    You will then see the following message:

    "A message has been sent to the email address we have on record for you. Please follow the instructions in that message to reset your password. If you do not receive an email, please contact your librarian for assistance."

    Now check your Email for instructions to complete the reset process.

    The resulting Email will look like this:

    "The library received a request to allow you to reset your Personal Identification Number (password) used to log in. If you did not place that request, please ignore this message. Your password has not changed. Otherwise, please click the link below to choose a new password.

    This link is valid for 3 hours from the time of your request."

    The most common problem is that the long URL (web address) is not kept intact if it is displayed on more than one line.

    When you click on the link, your email may not keep the entire link intact when it sends it to your browser. Some email programs split up long URLs, making it so that you can't click directly from them to a browser.

    In the example above, highlight the entire URL and copy it into your browser.
    (In the above example the URL begins with "https://" and ends with "b6a2a".)

    To do so, and to make sure you get the entire URL, you need to copy the URL (use your mouse to highlight, then use Ctrl-C on your keyboard to copy). Then paste (keyboard shortcut - Ctrl-V) it to the URL address bar of your browser. Spot check the URL to make sure the entire string was copied and pasted.

    How do I change my password?

    To change your password you can use these steps:
    1. 1) Log into My Account at : https://find.minlib.net/iii/encore/myaccount
    2. 2) On this screen you should see the "Modify Your password" button - leftmost button, under your name, above the "Search the Catalog" box.
    3. 3) Click on the "Modify Your password" button
    4. 4) A pop-up box will open, prompting your to enter your old password once and your new password twice.
    5. 5) Fill out the information and click "Submit"
    6. 6) Next, you get a screen that says: "Your password has been modified." You can close that window.
    Now you can log off of My Account and log back in using your new password.

    In the event you have forgotten your current password you can reset it using the "Forgot your password" link at:

    How do I rate materials in the Minuteman Library network catalog?

    Currently, it is not possible to rate materials in the catalog.

    How can I change my rating on a particular title if I change my mind or make a mistake?

    To change your rating:

    Sometmes I am not able to access My Account

    You now need to enable cookies in your browser.

    Instructions for allowing cookies in:
    Internet Explorer

    For Internet Explorer users, suggested settings for enabling session cookies:
    If you have a preset (with a slider) privacy setting:
    Tools --> Internet Options --> Privacy tab --> Slide settings to Med-High or lower

    If you have a Custom privacy setting:
    Tools --> Internet Options --> Privacy tab --> Advanced
    Override automatic cookie handling
    Accept - First-party Cookies
    Always allow session cookies

    For Firefox users, suggested settings for enabling session cookies:
    Tools --> Options --> Privacy tab --> Remember History

    For Safari users, suggested settings for enabling session cookies:
    Edit --> Preferences --> Privacy tab -->
    Choose either "Always" or "From thinrd parties and advertisers"

    Can I check My Account without accessing the catalog?

    Yes. Go the Minuteman's homepage at http://www.mln.lib.ma.us/ and select the "My Account" link under the Minuteman Catalog link.

    How can I update my email address?

    Go to My Account and click on the "Edit account"button. Enter your email address and select Submit.

    How can I change my pickup location?

    Go to My Account and select Edit account. Select you pickup location under "Choose your default pickup location" and click Submit.

    What is the "Expiration Date" I see in My Account?

    Library card registrations periodically expire so that library staff can be sure that information such as your mailing address, email address and phone number are up-to-date.

    If your library card account has expired, contact your local Minuteman library to update your account. Once you have verified your contact information, staff will update your expiration date.

    Where are my Preferred Searches and how do I do a Preferred Search?

    Preferred Searches are not currently available in Encore. Older saved Preferred Searches have been migrated over from the Classic Catalog but the functionality to create and save new Preferred Searches is still being worked on by our vendor.

    Can I renew an item online?

    Renew online by going to My Account. You will need to enter your library card number and password. If you don't have a password, leave the field blank and you will be prompted to create one.

    The catalog displays your patron record information.

    Click on the link Checkouts. The catalog displays the items that you have currently checked out. To renew everything on your account click on the button Renew All. To renew selected items on your account, click the check box to the left of the items you want to renew. Click on the Renew Selected Items button. Check for a confirmation message and the new due date(s).

    My renewal request didn't work!

    The catalog will not renew items under the following conditions:
    • a request (hold) is outstanding for another user.
    • renewal limit is exceeded-varies by library location and material (e.g. videos, new books, etc.).
    • $10.00 fine threshold is met.
    • Your patron record has reached its expiration date. You need to contact any Minuteman library to extend the life of your card
    Staff at any Minuteman library can assist you with your account.

    What do I do if I believe I've returned an item but it is still on my account?

    If the item was returned recently, please allow a few days before contacting the library. After that time, contact the library where you returned the item and let them know that you believe you have returned an item that is still on your account. Ask the library where you returned the items to do a shelf check for the item. If the item is not on the shelf at the library where you returned it, you will need to contact the library that owns the item. That library can also check their shelves for the item you returned. Only the library that owns the item can resolve the issue on your account.

    I got a new library barcode and now I can't log in to my account.

    When your library account was updated with a new barcode number, that new barcode became functional immediately.

    Your Internet Browser may have been set up to remember passwords for sites you regularly visit. If you type your name and your computer automatically inserts a string of numbers (ex: 21234567890123) in the "Library Card #" box, this is most likely what’s happening. To fix this problem, just highlight the incorrect numbers and type in your new barcode number. Your browser will ask you if you want it to associate this new password with the page you are visiting. Just say "yes" to this question box, and you should have no problem viewing your record. The next time you try to log in to your account, your browser will automatically enter the new barcode number for you.

    When I tried to renew material, I got a message saying: You cannot renew items because your registration has expired". How do I renew my registration?

    You can renew your library card registration by contacting any Minuteman library and asking to extend your registration. Staff will confirm your contact information and extend your registration.

    When I signed into "My Account" my items were renewed, but I am sure that I didn't renew them. What happened?

    Once I am logged in and placing requests, how do I view My Account?

    Select your name, which is available at the top, right of the screen when you are logged in to My Account.

    How can I tell which items can be renewed?

    This system does not calculate the eligibility for renewal when you view your checked out items. You must actually renew your items to see which ones can be renewed. Many more items are eligible for renewal online in comparison to our previous system. We have sent this in to our catalog software vendor as an enhancement for a future release.

    How is the new due date calculated when I renew materials?

    When I choose the checked out items or outstanding holds links, I keep getting asked for my library card number and password. What is going on?

    Those 2 features in My Account do not work when Internet Explorer's Content Advisor is enabled. Our catalog software company recommends turning off the Content Advisor in order to use these 2 functions. To disable Content Advisor, select Internet Options from the Tools menu. Click on the Content tab. Under the Content Advisor section click the Disable button. Click Ok to save the settings. Restart Internet Explorer.

    Can AOL subscribers using the AOL browser use the My Account function?

    AOL users who use the AOL browser may receive a "566 Response HTTP Version Unsupported" error. AOL's web browser is known to have difficulties with My Account. We suggest using AOL to connect to the Internet and then opening another web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox to search the catalog and use the My Account function.

    Can Walmart subscribers using the Walmart browser use the My Account function?

    Walmart's web browser is known to have difficulties with My Account. We suggest using Walmart to connect to the Internet and then opening another web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox to search the catalog and use the My Account function.

    When I check the display of Request (hold) outstanding, how can I tell what items are waiting for me at my library (Pickup Location column)?

    The words "Ready. Pick up by xx-xx-xx" in the status column tell you that your request is ready.

    If the Status column in the My Account Holds display says:
    • Ready for Pickup - the hold is ready for pickup for a different patron
    • Ready. Must pick up by xx-xx-xx - the hold is ready for pickup for the patron viewing his account.
    Any other status, or the lack of a status, means that your item is not yet ready for you to pick up. Copies may still be at the owning library, a copy may be In Transit between libraries, or all of the copies may be currently unavailable to fill requests.

    Because of a bug in the system if you see only the status "READY FOR PICKUP" your item may not be available at the library. Please call the library you pick up at to verify that the item is there for you.

    Sometimes when I check My Account, the information displayed about my Items currently checked out or my Requests does not appear to be current.

    The most probable cause of older data displaying when you are at home is that your browser settings are such that cached (saved) data is being displayed.

    The solution is to clear the cache in your browser.

    To delete temporary internet files in IE:

    Click on "View", "Internet Options", under the General tab in the Temporary Internet Files section, click on "Delete Files." It will ask you if you want to delete all temporary files to which you would answer "Yes." Also make sure you check the box that says "Delete all offline content." Note that you can remove cookies at this point (subscription content) but this is not recommended, so leave that option unchecked.

    Emptying cache (temporary Internet files) in Netscape Communicator:

    Click on "Edit", "Preferences" and double-click "Advanced." Click once on "Cache" and from the right side of the window select "Clear Disk Cache." It will confirm that you want to remove all the files in your disk cache to which you answer "Yes."

    Emptying cache (temporary Internet files) in Mozilla Firefox:

    Click on "Tools", "Options." Click on the "Privacy" category. Scroll down to the bottom and click on "Clear" to the right of the Cache subcategory.

    I got this error message when I when I logged in to My Account, "To enable secure viewing of your record, this page requires JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser and reload this page". What should I do?

    In order to function correctly your account requires that you have JavaScript enabled in your browser. The following instructions describe how to set JavaScript options for some common browsers:

    1. Open Firefox
    2. Select Options from the Tools menu.
    3. Click the Web Features tab at the right
    4. Check the box next to "Enable JavaScript"
    5. Click OK
    6. Click Reload.
    Internet Explorer
    1. Open Internet Explorer.
    2. Select Internet Options from the Tools menu.
    3. In Internet Options dialog box select the Security tab.
    4. Click Custom level button at bottom. The Security settings dialog box will pop up.
    5. Under Scripting category enable Active Scripting, Allow paste options via script and Scripting of Java applets
    6. Click OK twice to close out.
    7. Hit Refresh.

    Does the Minuteman web site provide a secure transmission (SSL) when I use "My Account"?

    Yes, as of March 2, 2006 the dialog with the Minuteman system under "My Account" is a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection. Your "My Account" data is encrypted and transmitted securely between our server and your computer.

    NOTE: If you had set up your browser to auto-complete your barcode prior to this date, you may need to re-enter the barcode once again to have it remembered by your browser.

    I re-entered my Library card #, but I am still unable to get Internet Explorer to remember my Library Card # and password, what should I do?

    Remembering usernames and passwords is a feature of the browser software and not of the MLN web site.

    Please check the following:

    • Be sure that the IE AutoComplete feature is enabled. The most important part to make sure about is that the "Prompt me to save passwords" box is checked. If this was not checked when you re-entered your library card number (after the addition of our SSL certificate) then your browser has not yet been able to save your information. If you do not know how to access the autocomplete feature in Internet Explorer please write us back and we will be happy to provide instruction.

    • We have found that some users have saved their library card number and password, but can not see the information when they first come to our web page. To see the information that IE has saved you need to click or type "2" in the Library card # box. Your library card number will appear in the box, or in a drop down box just below the empty field.

    • It is possible that at some point someone on your computer said "No" to the "Remember my password" prompt for this page (the new page). In this case you may need to go to the Autocomplete feature and clear all saved form and password information as IE will no longer ask you again about saving a password on this page. This is a feature of the IE software and not something that we have control over. DISCLAIMER: Please note that clearing your form and password information will clear it for ALL WEBSITES and not just for our library catalog.

    I understand how to use IE to remember my Library Card # and password, but that isn't what I wanted. Your site used to remember JUST my Library Card # and not my password, can I get that back?

    The SSL certificate we have added has made the MLN catalog web pages more secure. One result of this is that now some browsers, such as Internet Explorer, see the Library Card # and password as a "Username" and "Password", which technically they are. However, unless you have checked (in AutoComplete) to save "User names and passwords on forms" and "Prompt me to save passwords" Internet Explorer will not save this information.

    The reason that IE previously saved your Library Card number, without this option checked, is because on our "unsecure" website IE just considered the Library Card # field "Form" information (like your name or email address). And, as such, remembering it was only controlled by the "Form" checkbox in the AutoComplete settings. This is a feature of how IE works, and not something we can control.

    Because of the distinction that Internet Explorer makes, we can not force your browser to remember your library card number if it sees it as secure information (a username) that it would need your permission to remember.

    Our recommendations, if you need to have your browser remember your "My Account" information for you, are to either:

    How do I enable Internet Explorer's AutoComplete feature?

    • 1. On the Internet Explorer Tools menu, click Internet Options.
    • 2. In the Internet Options box, click the Content tab, and click the AutoComplete button. The AutoComplete Settings box will appear.
    • 3. To turn AutoComplete on, click the boxes next to the types of information you want AutoComplete to remember.
    • 4. If you want AutoComplete to remember your MLN Library Card # and password you MUST check both the box for "User names and passwords on forms" AND the "Ask me before saving passwords" box. Clicking a box that already has a check mark in it will clear the box.
    • 5. When you're done choosing your AutoComplete settings, click OK twice.
    • 6. Go to "Login" and log in.
    • 7. Log out.
    • 8. Close IE.
    • 9. Open IE. Go to "Login", click in the Library Card # box and your information should be there.

    I use Internet Explorer and when I try to access "My Account" I get the error "The page cannot be displayed". How do I fix this?

    You need to enable Internet Explorer to use SSL.

    Go to: Tools --> Internet Options --> Advanced

    In the Advanced tab, scroll down to the security settings.

    Be sure that you have check marks next to the following:
    Use SSL 2.0
    Use SSL 3.0
    Use TLS 1.0

    Can I pay my Fines and Fees with a credit card?

    Yes, beginning on November 1, 2007 you can pay your library fines online using a credit card.

    Is there a minimum fine anount that I can pay on my credit card in My Account?

    Yes, the minimum payment amount for online transactions in My Account is $1.01. Please visit the library to pay any amount less than $1.01.

    What credit cards are accepted by the Minuteman Library network?

    Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Switch and Solo.

    How will my library payments appear on my credit card statement?

    The credit card statement will list "Minuteman" as the vendor. However, if your payment is pending you may see the transaction listed as PayPal until the transaction has been processed by your credit card company.

    Is my credit card transaction secure when I pay a library fine?

    Yes. The credit card payment is done using a secure (SSL – Secure Socket Layer) connection. The Minuteman Library Network does not store any credit card data.

    How do I pay my library fines online?

    Log in to My Account (https://find.minlib.net/iii/encore/myaccount). Click on the link that says "Fines". Click on the Pay Online button and follow the instructions to choose which fines you wish to pay, and to provide your personal information and credit card information. If you uncheck any of the fines, click on the Recalculate button to calculate the new total.

    Will I get a receipt for my payment?

    Once your payment is accepted, you will see a confirmation screen that you can print as your receipt. If you have provided an Email address, you will also receive an Email receipt as well.

    What if my payment is not accepted?

    If for any reason your payment is not accepted, you can visit your Minuteman library to pay your fines.

    What do I do if I've found an item that I paid for already? Can I get a refund?

    Can I save reminders of books I want to request in the future from session to session?

    Yes, you can use the My Lists feature to save items to your Account for later access.

    You can also use the My Lists feature for:
    • Titles you want to request in the future
    • Titles you wish to read or view or listen to in the future
    • Titles on a topic of interest
    • Titles for a class project
    • Other ideas...

    What is the difference between "Save to My Lists" and "Add to Bag"

     Both Bags and Lists are used to collect lists of titles that can be requested, printed, e-mailed, or saved to one's account for later reference.

     A "Bag" is temporary and exists only during a given session. Once you navigate away from the Minuteman website the contents of your Bag will disappear.

     "My Lists" are saved to a patron’s account for as long as desired. These Lists can be accessed whenever a patron logs in to My Account. Multiple Lists can be maintained in a patron's account.

    How do I add a single title to a List from a search results screen?

    Adding single items to your lists in Encore is identical to adding multiple items.

    1. Go to the New Encore Catalog: http:find.minlib.net

    2. Click on Login

    3. Enter Search terms and click the arrow or "Enter" on your keyboard.

    4. When you find a title you want to save, click on the little book basket icon to add it to your cart. Repeat for all titles you want to save to a list.



    5. You will see a message on the right that the item(s) are now in your cart.


    6. Click on View cart or My Book Cart.


    7. Save the items to a list.


    8. You will get a popup asking you whether you want to save the itmes to an existing or a new list.

    How do I add multiple titles to a List at one time?

    How do I view the contents of My Lists and what else can I do with My Lists?

    If I delete one of my Lists (or my Reading History), can I get it back?