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General Questions

What is Encore?

Encore is a new way to search the materials in the Minuteman libraries. Encore is particularly powerful when you begin with a broad search and want to narrow it down. The tools in Encore provide multiple ways to refine a given search. Discovery tools in Encore include features common to search engines such as Google, commercial web sites and social networking sites.

What are some of the features of Encore?

  • A single search box provides a simple Google-like experience
  • Faceted Search results. Facets can be added to or removed from one's search in any order.
  • Tags to refine your search, which are subject headings found in search results displayed
  • Holdings information at the search results screen; no need to click away from the results list
  • RightResults relevance ranking bringing the most relevant results to you at the beginning of the results display
  • Ability to re-sort a result list by Title or Date
  • "Did you mean" function based on words and phrases found in our collection, which is superior to spell checking with a dictionary
  • Access to articles available to all Massachusetts residents through the state; No need to leave the catalog to search for articles in magazines, journals, etc.
  • Ability to search for eBooks, Digital Audiobooks, Streaming Video (Digital Video) and without leaving the Encore catalog.
    Includes display of eBook availability, request placement, and checkout of eBooks from within Encore

Does Encore search the same resources as the Classic Catalog?

Encore searches all of the same resources (books, sound recordings, DVDs, museum passes, etc.). In addition, Encore performs your search in the Ebsco subscription database and retrieves articles that match you search from that database.

Encore can search the eBooks, digtial audiobooks and streaming video in our OverDrive holdings, indicating availablity, allowing checkout or placing of holds.

Will Encore replace the old catalog (the Classic Catalog)?

The Classic Catalog will be retired as of September 1st, 2015.

Is there a Minuteman app for my mobile device?

As of February 13, 2012, Minuteman is pleased to provide a mobile friendly interface to the Minuteman catalog. Simply point your browser to: http://m.library.minlib.net/ or use your mobile device to go to http://find.minlib.net

You can search the Minuteman catalog, view My Account, renew checked out items, place requests, all from your mobile phone. There is no application to install.

(Any Minuteman apps available on iTunes or Google Play have been developed by individuals and are not supported by the Minuteman Library Network.)

How do I find out when libraries are open, driving directions, and other library-related information?

You can find out information about a particular library in two ways. The first way is by going to Minuteman's home page: http://www.mln.lib.ma.us/, selecting the Contact Your Library link under Quick Links, and selecting the library in which you are interested. If you are in the Classic Catalog, you can choose a library by going to Select Location and scrolling to the library desired. Once you select a library its name is displayed in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Select the library name to display information about that library. In both cases, the catalog displays the library's contact information and directions for getting there. For hours of operation, please check each individual library's page.

How do I obtain a Minuteman library card?

When is the Minuteman Catalog available?

The Minuteman Catalog is always available. During system maintenance, you will not see requests nor renewals on your account. These actions are queued to happen once the system maintenance is finished.

Once I'm in the catalog, how do I return to the Minuteman homepage?

You can return to the Minuteman home page by clicking on Minuteman logo in the top banner of the search screen.

Is online search help available?

For Keyword, Author, Title and Subject searches, the screen for each of these search types contains examples of the format for submitting searches.

For additional details on Keyword searching, choose the Search tips link


under "Quick Links" under the search screens.

What is scoping?

The catalog uses the concept of scoping, which allows you to specify a particular library before searching for items. When you are searching at computers within a library, in most cases the default location searched will reflect that library. To see materials at all Minuteman (MLN) libraries, change the location to "All Locations Collection".

How can I get to see All Locations first, instead of it defaulting to just my library's location when I click on the Search button?

If your home library scopes to its own location, your initial search will be limited by titles that your home library owns. If your search does not retrieve any matches, you can easily scroll to another library or "All Locations". This scoping stays in effect if you continue searching by using the Another Search button. If you select the New Search button, the default settings come into effect.

For example, to change from the Wayland library to All Locations,



How do I change the location for my search? Do I have to go back to the main screen to do another search?

No. Go to Select Location and scroll to the library desired. To retain this setting during your search session, select Another Search and enter your search words. To return to the default settings, select New Search.

What is the difference between Another Search and New Search?

To return to the main search screen, select New Search. To perform an additional search of the same type (e.g. author, title, etc), select Another Search.

How do I view the next page of my search results?

Select "Next" to display the subsequent search results, or choose an intermediate page from the options shown. The navigation options for displaying results can be found at both the top and bottom of the search results screen.



How do I view all the copies of a particular title?

The catalog displays the first ten copies of a particular title. To view all of the copies, select the "View additional copies or search for specific volume/copy" button.

Is there a way to display only available copies for particular title?

After selecting the "View additional copies or search for specific volume/copy" button, select the "Limit to Available" button.

Which browsers are recommended for using the catalog?

We recommend using a (non-beta version) modern browser capable of supporting current Web standards. For example: While you can use some older browsers, use of a modern browser will help you take advantage of all the capabilities for sophisticated presentation and functionality found in powerful Web-based applications such as the WebPAC.

Specifically, we recommend that you use a browser that supports HTML and XHTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), ECMAScript (the standard behind scripting languages such as JavaScript), and the W3C Document Object Model (DOM). Any of the modern browsers listed above provide at least base level support for these standards and will improve your browsing experience in the WebPAC and beyond.

If you are having problems and you are using a proprietary browser such as the AOL browser or the Walmart browser, see our FAQ answer about proprietary browsers.

Can I search for Chinese Language materials in the online catalog?

There are over 28,000 Chinese language titles (over 40,000 items) in the Minuteman Library Network (MLN). Keyword, author, or title searches can be performed with either Chinese character input or with Romanized characters using Pinyin. You can find all Chinese items in the MLN Catalog by using the search described here: http://www.mln.lib.ma.us/catalog/faq_search.htm#search31 You can limit your search by material type (books only, for example) or to a particular library's collection.

Most Chinese materials can be shared among libraries. Use the catalog's request function to request that an item be sent to your library.

Minuteman also offers Spanish, French and Russian search interfaces of the catalog.

Can I search for Russian Language materials in the online catalog?

There are over 18,000 Russian language titles in the Minuteman Library Network (MLN). Keyword, author, or title searches can be performed using either Roman transliteration or the Russian alphabet. You can find all Russian items in the MLN Catalog by using the search described here: http://www.mln.lib.ma.us/catalog/faq_search.htm#search31 You can limit your search by material type (books only, for example) or to a particular library's collection. Most Russian materials can be shared among libraries. Use the catalog's request function to request that an item be sent to your library.

Minuteman also offers Simplified Chinese, Spanish, French and Portuguese search interfaces of the catalog.

How do I eliminate the security warning regarding "secure and nonsecure items" in Internet Explorer?

  As of the catalog upgrade on November 1, 2007 some users may notice a pop-up box while using Internet Explorer that says "This page contains both secure & nonsecure items..." Even after clicking Yes, the box still comes back. Here's the fix to make it go away for good.

NOTE: This fix is only for IE 6 or 7.

CAUSE: The page you are attempting to view is a secured site (note the https in the URL prefix) but it contains unsecured data.

1. When you receive the error message, click Yes.
2. In Internet Explorer 6 or 7 go to Tools, Internet Options, Security tab; select Internet in "Select a zone to view or change security settings"
3. Click Custom Level and scroll down about half way to Miscellaneous, then "Display mixed content"
4. Change it from Prompt to Enable.
5. Click OK, Yes, OK. The change should take effect immediately.

Use a Firefox browser, which does not display this pop-up box.

I would like to hide my name on the reserve slip when picking up holds at the library

Your library can set up an alias instead of your full name to display on your reserve slip when you pick up your holds. Please see a librarian to have that functionality enabled.