Minuteman Mobile App FAQ


What are the minimum requirements?

The Apple app requires an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch running iOS version 7 or higher.

The Android app requires a phone or tablet running Android version 4 or higher.

The Android app is also available in the Amazon appstore and will work on 2nd generation Kindle Fire tablets and newer.

What can I do with it?

What can't I do with it?

We've packed a lot into our app, but some things are still just in the Encore catalog.

What about a mobile friendly catalog?

Minuteman's Encore catalog is also mobile friendly but it does not include the rich features that the app offers like your Event Calendar, or your library's policies or the ability to get a digital library card.

What about a Windows app?

We started with Apple iOS and Android because they are by far the most prevalent mobile platforms. We also have a mobile friendly catalog.

How is the Scan ISBN function supposed to work?

If your device has an auto-focus camera, you can scan barcodes on books you find at a store or on your friends' bookshelf to see if Minuteman has a copy!

Some things to know:

Why does the app require all these permissions like access to SMS, Camera and External Storage?

We are dedicated to protecting patron's privacy. However, in order for the app to function smoothly, access to certain device features needs to be enabled.

Here are some more details about that:

The Camera is required for SCAN ISBN camera functionality.

SMS is required for libraries who want Text Us capabilities.

External Storage is required to cache cover images for Featured Items/Databases and Catalog Search results.